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Welcome to main()'s home on, a Debian Linux system running the Apache web server. This is where I gather Linux stuff, assorted creations, and things I think are interesting.

Last updated 3/26/2001.
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... Profesionally speaking

I hold an A.S. in C.S. I am currently working on my Cisco certification and my website I am availible for hire as a UNIX and network administrator. I am the president of LILUG. (like computers needed more acronyms) It stands for Long Island Linux Users Group.

... My interests

I am interested in virtual reality and nanotech. I believe we will see at least some aspects of these things in our lifetime. (assuming it isn't hidden from our view.) I am espcially interested in writing video games and 3-D engines, they are the best starting gate for an imersive v.r. system. I have a few ideas on the benefits of using a Unix based file structure in a v.r. system. I've written a short story about a possible fate of VR. I would like to hear from people with the same interests especially in the N.Y. area. If you don't see what you like on my resume, e-mail me anyway. I know many people who work with computers or who work in computer related fields.

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